¿What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, a logical system that provides understanding about the human nature. It is a means of observation and self-knowledge to explore your own individual path in life. Knowing your design, makes it easier for you to pay more attention to your body and educate your mind so that it does not hinder your decision making.

  • By calculating your design based on your birth data you get your individual bodygraph, a basic guide that shows you what makes you different and how you perform on a physical, emotional and mental level.
  • An individual analysis provides you with practical tools that explain in simple language how to make reliable decisions while respecting your nature. It helps you to experience, test and verify for yourself in your daily life that it is possible to live a healthier life, without unnecessary mental burdens and that it is really of value to you.
    • Likewise, it provides you with a new perspective to manage family , work and relationships matters with respect and with greater efficiency.

It invites you to a deeply personal journey, yours. Expressing what you are requires great dedication and determination along the way.

There is nothing more important than becoming aware of ourselves and discovering our potential. Even when it may lead us to spaces we don’t like, when confronting our limits.

Human design does not require faith, you do not have to believe in it. If it awakens your interest you will gain in your process through your own daily experimentation. There is no truth without personal experience, the best you can do is explore your own. You have a travel manual, a map to individual liberation that is experienced as self-love, the acceptance of who you are.


The history of a whole life consists of making one decision after another, and in most cases, since birth, many of your decisions have been made by others: your parents, your teachers, your partners, your children, your government, probably all of them produced adjustments in your development.

You cannot be original when you are constantly being told what to do by others, or if you are afraid to make decisions for yourself. Following your path by trusting your own authority aligns you on your life path eliminating resistance and opening up a possibility of consciousness.

We all possess an Internal Authority, an innate intelligence that allows us to know if an experience is right for us or not.

Our body possesses a genetic determination and sensory receptors that reveal invaluable information that helps us discern when something is right for us and when it is not. By listening to our body we can know ourselves better than anyone else. It requires observation and patience.

Your mind cannot decide for you, when you use it to control action you cease to be present in your life. The mind functions efficiently as an External Authority, as a tool of communication. Only when you free your mind from having to make decisions, can you communicate honestly and provide a genuine perspective to others, an original thought based on your own perception and appreciation of your circumstance, which can be useful to others.


Mind and body do not do the same job, and yet the personality always tries to take charge of everything, even when it encounters obstacles by ignoring the body. We pay attention to our bodies only when we suffer in them. We do not recognize them as the intelligence they represent. Your body is the carrier of a stream of unconscious information and possesses its own consciousness. It is your body that moves, breathes and experiences you. Your conscious personality, no matter how hard it tries, is not responsible for your body’s decision making. The mind, your personality, is more like a passenger in the form you inhabit. Thought is always in the shadow, behind what is really happening. Life is movement, a continuous change. Observing and experimenting with a map like this, which does not require faith but observation, can help you restore confidence in the ability of your body, mind and spirit to react optimally to events in your life.
The distortion caused by mental anxiety, which we process as a species in the face of uncertainty, accommodates us in the pulling (of faith and dogmas) on the basis of a threshold of ‘abnormality’ that avoids the feeling of inadequacy for not fitting into the established. We have learned, early in life, to pursue socially ‘rewarded’ objectives at the expense of our internal sensations. As long as your mind is trying to control what is going on in your life (acting as the Inner Authority), you will simply express yourself dishonestly. The mind takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and attention, we think about too many futile things and it is hard for us to quiet it if we give importance to what does not have it. As an observer, however, it is magnificent, really the mind is about serving consciousness to the other. It is not personal, it functions efficiently as an External Authority. One of the extraordinary gifts of the human being is the level of ability to communicate and express what he or she experiences conceptually, his or her unique way of perceiving, and transmitting a differentiated perspective, which is of value to listen to. If you pay attention and allow your body to express itself, trusting your senses, the external pressure will gradually lose influence on you, and you will also express yourself more cleanly, from your own vision.


From the combination of centers and channels in the graphic, four types of design emerge, which attend to four different biochemical structures with specific qualities, whose unconscious dynamics are expressed through the electromagnetic field that we emit, giving rise to the organic frequency of the aura.

The aura, or the non-verbal communication you emit, is felt and perceived differently depending on the Type you belong to.

Two of the types are energetic in nature: The Manifestor Type (9% of the population), which transmits a shocking and impenetrable frequency, challenges and initiates the other proactively, while the Generator Type (68% of the population) hosts, is more available and reactive. The energetic power that both represent makes everything happen, and builds the world we know.

The other two types are not of an energetic nature, their strength is not action, but the consciousness to guide it efficiently and evaluate it: The frequency transmitted by the Projector Type (22% of the population) is very penetrating, attracts the invitation and recognition of its intelligence and advice, while the Reflector Type (1% of the population) is really unusual, mirrors and blends in with the environment.

Type shows us that there are four different ways to move through life. There is a natural strategy for each type that makes it easier to make decisions and get into the right situations and relationships:


If you are a Manifestor type informing those who will be impacted by your actions will avoid the anger accumulated from others interference in your personal process, and will bring you peace. No matter how much your mind thinks it doesn’t need to, for fear of rejection.


If you belong to the Generator type you will gain in satisfaction by waiting to respond to things based on the availability of your energy, avoiding the frustration you experience when it is your mind that initiates and sets the pace.


If you ere a Projector type your success strategy has to do with someone else formally inviting you to embark on the experience because it recognizes your ability to guide. Feeling ‘seen’ will reduce the bitterness that floods you when you try to push the river by going to the other in pursuit of a goal that is not for you.


If you belong to Reflector type, it is very healthy for you to wait at least one complete lunar cycle before making important decisions in your life. Your design is surprisingly unusual, the openness in your design is very much linked to the influence of the lunar cycle and mirrors your environment, so finding the right community and dealing with those who respect your need to give time before making decisions relevant to you will help you cope with the disappointment you may process when your own or others’ agenda pressures you to go at a pace that is not your own.


Each of the 9 geometric elements that stand out in the graphic of a design attend to different biological and psychological functions. They are centers of emission or reception, as filters of information for our senses, and where we also accumulate memory.
  • The defined centers (colored in the graphic) express your Nature, the innate: they demarcate aspects that represent you, they are fixed, consistent and reliable areas in you, in which you will settle as you remain connected to the listening of your body as a source of internal authority, honoring the natural strategy of your type.
  • The undefined centers (blank in the graphic) represent your Openness to the environment, the acquired: they are windows to external conditioning, where you mirror and amplify the nature of others, for good and for bad.
You can’t encapsulate yourself or prevent the environment from influencing you, that’s not the point. However, you can become aware of the vulnerability and inconsistency you experience in such fields and observe how they affect you.


Identification with the theme in the centers without defining it in your design leads you to distortion, to create defensive strategies and compulsive mental attitudes that limit and diminish the capacity to experience your true potential.

From disidentification you can develop a lot of wisdom, attending to what happens when others affect you in the specific subject matter of those centers. By not letting yourself go, you can become very objective, that is the potential.

We are the result of our patterns and we resolve our lives through them. Establishing new habits requires presence. Human Design does not offer a quick pill, nor ’10 steps to’…

It’s all about reducing effort, tension, mental strain… and seeing what’s left. Of orienting yourself more efficiently, comfortable in uncertainty, doing less and observing more. It takes a minimum of 7 years to shed the first layers of conditioning. You don’t need to run, go your own way. Explore, even if the world doesn’t seem to change. Individuals change.


Knowing the patterns and elements that emerge from your Human Design graphic can help you make sense of, empower and understand your experiences and life history. It may not seem easy at first, there are many new concepts, like learning a new language. Soon you will become familiar with the language, and recognize aspects of your design through your own observation that we hope will be practical and guiding.

It takes time to get to know each other, be patient, as you move through the experiment of living your design, you may notice confusion, or emptiness. It happens to all of us. Getting your life back is not about getting things back to the way they were, but about moving more authentically forward from there, dropping the urge to make things the way your mind thinks they should be, or the way convention dictates, suffering in the name of all that doesn’t matter and makes no difference in your life.


From the perspective of the Mandala, you will see synthesized the variety of elements that influence and reflect the complexity brought to a design.

Thanks to the visual representation you will be able to recognize patterns and structures, learn to read the map, once you know its legend, and experiment with the information it offers.

There is a logical precision in the arrangement of each element. The 9 centers connect to each other through 32 channels (36 possibilities counting the integration channels), and each of these channels represents a different life force.

At the macro level, information flows and circulates in the graph in such a way that contiguous channels form currents and circuits of information teaching us about our need for interdependence and how we organize ourselves as a species in tribal, collective and individual circumstances. Ways in which we are designed to meet the world and share the journey.

At the micro level, a channel is composed of two antagonistic doors. The gates are points of entry and exit of information. When both gates of a channel are activated it creates what we call ‘definition’, and allows communication between the centers it links.

The defined channels that are colored in a graph point to specific fixed traits of a person.

In 1953, Watson and Crick described the structure of DNA, and 5,000 years ago, Fu Hsi the symbolic code of the I Ching. Both revelations have a surprising correlation, and it is the one that allows us to glimpse genetic aspects of an individual, reflected in the disposition of the binaries and trigrams in the sequence of the hexagrams.


In the image of the mandala you will see that the outer circumference is divided into 64 plots, corresponding to the 64 hexagrams of the I ching, or book of mutations. Each door represents a hexagram composed of 6 lines in a combination of Yin (a divided line), or Yang (a solid line). In the previous image we have highlighted with the magnifying glass the 6 lines of gate 32. Each hexagram/gate in the sequence around the outer wheel of the mandala is further thematically complemented by its polarity, the diametrically opposed gate on the wheel.


Going deeper into what sets us apart, the Profile is derived from the Sun and Earth positions, which you see in the information columns on either side of the graph:

  • The black coded column represents the consciousness in us (traits of our Personality).
  • The red coded column represents unconscious aspects that concern the body (genetic traits).

Profiles are the garment of our binary consciousness, they bridge the gap between body and personality, associating a mental style with the organic nature that expresses our unconscious.

There are 12 profiles, which emerge from the combination of the six lines of the hexagram and derive from the combination of the conscious and unconscious positions of the Sun and Earth axes; from them we also deduce what Ra called the Incarnation Cross or purpose of life.

Together they allow us to understand the roles we express in our relationships, in the arena of life, and provide us with another level of differentiation from which to observe how we approach or depart from our own nature and genetic determination.


Amino acids are chemical energies within us that constitute formulas, patterns and structures that condition us. Ra Uru Hu spoke of no choice, because we are part of an evolutionary program and it is proper to our intelligence as a species to follow it.

Genetics does not move within an individual process but is a collective process that concerns all of humanity. What we find in each activation is a collective genetics.

These amino acids are chemical essences that activate and flow in different gates of the graphic body; the same essence can be present in one, two, three and even six gates.

Each codon expresses a deep genetic chemical quality that constitutes the energy of each gate (hexagram).

On the other hand these amino acids are in a binary relationship, one amino acid active, feeding a certain gate and another, forming a channel, a genetic complementation, which means that both amino acids operate in the same energy flow and have a common theme that is formed from the union of the themes of each amino acid.


The Variable is to consciousness what the Type is to Form.

Going deeper into the substructure of the human design system, 16 variables can be seen that explain the evolutionary movement of the cognitive architecture and the organization of the species.

Each variable is derived from four essential elements, represented in the advanced graph by four arrows that alternate resulting in 16 different variations, attending to the right or left cognitive fixation of the internal (dependent) and external (independent) variables, conscious and unconscious, and report valuable information about how each human being digests, assimilates, relates to the environment, rationalizes and conceptualizes in a differentiated way.

Your Variable points to four areas with great transformational potential. for your consciousness. Advanced professional analyses such as Primary Health System, Psychology and Transference or Holistic Analysis focus on these areas and their resonances:

  • Chain Line – Color – Tone of the Sun/Earth axis unconscious:
    Brain and Digestive System (Active or Passive)
  • Chain Line – Color – Tone of the unconscious Nodal axis:
    Relationship with Others and the Environment (Observed or Observer)
  • Chain Line – Color – Conscious Nodal axis tone:
    Perspective and Distraction (Focused or Peripheral)
  • Chain Line – Color – Tone of the Sun/Earth conscious axis:
    Motivation and Transfer (Strategic or Receptive)


We are subject to different conditioning forces, either through the ‘chemistry’ that we share with others, or through the influence that the stars around us exert on us.

Since the times of the times, mythologically, we have conferred on the stars the category of gods, and entire generations in the history of our evolution have been moved by their invisible current, more than appreciable in the socio-cultural atmosphere.

The sky dome acts as a programming agent impacting us, both globally and individually.

Observing it allows you to draw back the veil of the apparent and to see the absolute of the mechanics of the cosmological illusion that we navigate. Knowing the events and the impact that it can have on you, on your psyche or your actions, broadens your vision of the whole, to act on what you are and not moved by its influence on your decisions.


The Human Design system is a field of study whose knowledge base is based on the neutrino. The neutrino is the second most abundant subatomic particle in the universe and at the same time is one of the most difficult to detect. For every square centimeter, 1.18 million million neutrinos per second pass, in all directions, continuously.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been known that, contrary to what was established by the accepted model until now, the neutrino is a mass carrier. A mass so small and difficult to measure that it hardly interacts with anything, but because of its condition as matter it has a certain impact on everything it goes through.

The current of neutrinos passes through what Ra metaphorically called our ‘crystals of consciousness’, generating an input frequency (Base) by impacting them through one of its five facets, which orients and positions them.

Once inside the crystal it rotates in a spiral, giving rise to a tonal oscillation (Tone) that will predetermine the architecture of its cognitive and sensory structure, to finally leave the crystal emitting a specific output frequency (Color) affecting the field of consciousness.

There is a dilemma between the output frequency and its ‘capture’ by the magnetic monopole, when it is not correct, what we call transference occurs, where the Tonal information is distorted and cognitive intelligence is lost.

The magnetic monopole, represented by the Hexagram 2 (The Conductor), is the coordinating agent that relates the body (unconscious design) to the conscious personality, and the one in charge of maintaining the ‘illusion’ in which we live through the juxtaposition of both currents of information, capturing the output frequency of each crystal. And, as if it were a vehicle, it aligns it with the geometry that enables the personality its self-reflective consciousness.

The principles and premises on which the Human Design System is based have been scientifically confirmed, both with regard to the existence of the magnetic monopole, and the theory of mass-carrying neutrinos, which RaUru Hu had already postulated since 1987, and with regard to the genetic determination of human behavior, which can be seen in an individual graphic body.

So we live in an immense ocean of information-carrying particles passing through us at all times.

At the instant we are born, and 88 solar degrees (about three months) before birth, we act as a filter for that current of neutrinos, which is ‘printed’ on our cells and determines the individual nature of each being, as well as his or her predisposition to conditioning.

The time of birth for the correct calculation of a design is when the fetus leaves the mother’s womb completely, when the baby’s body is completely separated from the mother’s body. This is a very important fact because it is decisive in the calculation of a design, since it is not when the baby breathes for the first time, or when the umbilical cord is cut.


His genuine way of being direct and imparting his knowledge about the process of accepting who we are has empowered individuals, couples and families around the globe, willing to test the patterns he points out and look beyond the convention. When asked about Human Design…
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