Themes included in the Holistic Analysis:

  • Variable and Cognitive Family
  • Nodal transposition
  • Linking nodes: Cognitive Potential
  • The primary nodes:Your historical line (Life script)
  • The resonance map of the body (design): Brain, position and shape
  • The Personality Resonance Map: Mind, Perspective and Range
  • Configuration of the Diagonals of Mars: Prana and Transcendence
  • Diamond Configuration: Worldly Presence
  • Vertical range – Conformation: Prana In
  • Lateral Range – Reactivity: Prana Out
  • Orientation of the bases

Holistic analysis is done online through our private and secure Adobe Connect virtual platform.

You need to provide us with your birth data, location, date and time as accurately as possible in advance. The analysis requires 180 minutes of preparation prior to the appointment, and the meeting lasts between 90 to 120 minutes. The analysis is recorded in both video and mp3 audio format and you will be able to review it again at your own pace whenever you wish.

You will have space to clarify any doubts that may arise on the spot, or with no time limit via email once it has concluded.

Requirements: To perform this advanced analysis you need to have previously performed the Individual base analysis with a certified professional, the analysis of the Primary Health System and the analysis of Psychology and Transference.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 350€

We offer a special discount for people under 30 years old and people with disabilities over 33%. To make it effective please write us to info@thehumandesignlab.com and we will inform you. Thank you.

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