This section breaks down all the specialties and Professional Analyses that you can receive from Amaya, direct student of Ra Uru Hu, and Gerardo Keerti, student and translator of Alokanand Diaz. Between them they have 30 years of joint experimentation with Human Design.

Any system or knowledge is subject to distortion. That is, the further away from the source, the more interpretations and the more possible it is to distort or adulterate the essence, purpose and potential of this knowledge.

From continuous renewal our task is to transmit to you the original Human Design knowledge of Ra Uru Hu in a clear way and with a high professional quality facilitating you a greater understanding of your nature and realization of your own potential.


Individual Analysis

Practical in content, this individual reading is the best gift you can give yourself. Ra Uru Hu called it 'Manual for a life without guilt'.

Life Cycles

They help you integrate and understand specific phases or stages: Cross of Life, Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Chiron Return.

Dream Rave

A dream interpretation allows you to depersonalize by noticing concrete patterns and their direct effect on your organism and your psychology.


Relationship Analysis

It reveals the mechanisms through which you connect individually with another human being, whether in your relationship as a couple, with your sister, a partner or a friendship.

Child Development Analysis

If you are a parent this reading provides you with key, clear and concise information about your child for natural and respectful parenting, from newborn to teenager.

Family Analysis

It is essentially beneficial for all the members of your family, since you will be able to understand each other and clarify the dynamics that affect your daily coexistence.

Mechanics of Sexuality

Depending on the Type you belong to, your profile, definition, and which centers govern your internal authority mark tendencies in you that deserve to be respected and explored.


Primary Health
System (PHS)

It offers you an innovative approach to your wellness by enhancing your body's potential through food and environments that are right for you.

Psychology and Transference

It will provide you with tools to observe how your mind works and the patterns that distract it, in order to integrate and accept the true function of your mind in your life.

Holistic Analysis

Holistic Analysis reveals the full realization of the analytical potential of the Human Design System. It gathers the most detailed information about the mechanics of your design.


Career Guidance for Young People

The changing labor market has led to an increase in youth unemployment. Maximize your potential to know how to make decisions about your working life.

Career Profile Analysis

The strengths and weaknesses, from the perspective of the different environments in which you can perform your work, to facilitate the development and best use of your resources.

BG5 Business Consulting

A BG5 consultancy provides an innovative & effective perspective from which to enhance your business project by selecting the most competent team.

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