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Field learning and influence of the environment

The family environment is the set of relationships established among family members who share the same space. Each family lives and participates in these relationships in a particular way, hence each one develops its own peculiarities that differentiate it from other families.

In every family meeting we experience situations whose reality is beyond our understanding, and the greatest value that this knowledge can bring within the family nucleus is to try to restore the maximum possible respect and understanding among the members of a family.

An Analysis of your Family Unit presents practical keys to identify what possibilities and limitations are manifested in the home, providing an objective view of the nature of the conflicts you face on a daily basis, or in which aspects of your coexistence you will be able to flow comfortably as a group.

« Discovering and understanding that your family has done the best they could with you is profoundly liberating because you stop blaming them for things for which they are not to blame. Understanding that within your family, despite sharing genetic ties, each one has a unique and differentiated nature from the rest, helps you accept, understand, mature and take perspective. » Gerardo Keerti Piccolo

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