Living Your Design Dream Rave Edition

Living your design is a daily experiment that can bring a renewed understanding of who you are and how you function, pointing to your unique and differentiated way of moving, thinking and relating to yourself and others.

Since 2001 into her experiment, Amaya is a direct student of Ra Uru Hu and Alokanand Díaz, she has taught over 40 LYD courses in the last 14 years in the Spanish language, and has a decade of experience in DreamRave analysis. You can see her HD CV here.

The purpose of this course is to assimilate your own life experience and resources, it is structured to break the resistance of the mind, so that you less and less mentally force uncomfortable situations on yourself and those around you.

You will be given practical tools to help you gradually distinguish what is going on in your personal and daily life. You will see for yourself that there is a possibility of living according to your nature, with greater trust and presence.

Real wisdom can only come from the inside. This course is about you, about you making decisions as yourself, respecting your nature, and liberating the mind from being in charge of the decision making.

“This laboratory served me to begin to unravel this concise and transcendent science, and to share space with courageous beings willing to face their shadow. It was the beginning of the journey in which I find myself immersed. On the one hand, it has led me to a deep crisis, because this system accurately names the ghosts that do not let you be, grow and be at peace, and this requires a work of updating: get rid of old schemes that have nothing to do with you. But, at the same time, it is bringing me great comfort, as it gives me the possibility to know, accept and respect my own nature.”

Julia (Emotional Manifestor l 6/3 C. of Separation) Professional translator and specialist in communication techniques.

Human Design and The Dream Plane

Whatever happens during the hours of sleep has always remained one of the most intriguing fields of human functioning.

In this special LYD edition, I will introduce you to the mechanic and the forces that condition us at night, a state where we are not backed up by our strategy and authority.

While we sleep, we experience a very elementary pattern, our design is simplified from 9 to 5 centers and from 64 to 15 activations, and based on this, we can observe deep primitive conditioning, start noticing how it influences us and even decipher the very mechanism of the dreams themselves.

Ra Uru Hu, in addition to pointing out the benefit for an individual to sleep alone, explained the need not to personalize what we dream about, opposed to the approach of symbolic interpretations, which can create confusion.

This course will provide you with a tangible and logical perspective to objectively begin to understand your own dream dynamics, as a primary source of conditioning, hence, bringing you deep relief, and reinforcing the experiment of loving yourself while you are awake.

Amaya was invited recently to a podcast with John And Amy, where she introduced the subject, among many other themes:

Full Program:

On shattering the Not Self. The ugly truth
An exploration into the distortion of each of the Nine Centers as a result of not understanding your personal mechanics, so you can observe how they work and recognize the resistance they create in your life.

On how Pressure can lead to mental and physical hardship
We were born to be driven by pressure and are forced by experience to make sense out of it
The undefined / defined nature of the root & head centers

On how Consciousness can be distorted
False myths that hinder awareness
Human intelligence behind fear, anxiety and nervousness
The undefined / defined nature of the spleen, ajna & solar plexus centers

On what Moves us, differentiated qualities of energy
How each of the four motor centers become compulsive when over driven by the mind
The undefined / defined nature of the sacral & ego/heart centers

On the illusion of Being separate and our Connection to the whole
The G center and the dilemma of capture of the Magnetic Monopole. How that affects the surface when not following your Strategy & Authority
Not being able to recognize one´s Place. A disoriented life and the loss of Love, that distorts identity
The undefined / defined nature of the G center

On the mechanics of Expression and Manifestation
The form principle and civilization as we know it
Communicating and acting pushed by the mind´s agenda
The undefined / defined nature of the throat center

The impact of the planetary transits and the homogenized collective mind.

On the nature of Self
The nine centered Alignment – Self-consciousness in form
The nature of the Aura

Life is movement: The Generator type
The great life force of self-satisfaction
Grounding for Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators

Life is awareness: The Projector type
Serving the expression of potential intelligence and awareness
The most complex configuration and its varieties
The Mental Projector and outer Authority

Life reaches out: The Manifestor type
The impact of your unique power through informing
The Manifestor´s acts can be beneficial to others serving their own purpose

Life IS (where you are): The Reflector type
The path of the moon
No Inner Authority, process based

Taking one decision at a time
We are a binary consciousness
The giving up of Authority and the slave life

Sources of inner authority
Emotional Manifested, Emotional Generated and Emotional Projected Authorities
Sacral Authority
Splenic Projected and Splenic Manifested Authority
Self-Projected Authority
Ego Projected and Ego Manifested Authority
No Inner Authority, process based

The source of differentiated outer authority
Your mind can measure, teaching your mind to see

The Dream Rave program at work
The transits program and how it specifically influences your dreams
Proper sleep and improving the quality of the waking state

Aura type change and its biological and psychological consequences
Three powerful forces of conditioning

The Realm of Light and how it affects the dreamer
The worldly Mundane Plane and how it affects the dreamer
The Demon Realm and how it affects the dreamer

The three portal gates and their trap messages
Ways to counteract the disturbing effects of dreaming

A total of 16 hours of full live sessions beautifully illustrated

August 2nd through 5th, 2024

From 16 to 20 UTC each day

My style of teaching is direct and concentrated. I will work with the participants charts randomly when it best fits the explanation of a particular trait of the design.

You will receive your Human Desing and DreamRave charts prior to the start of the course, so you will be able to follow all explanations given, and gain understanding about yourself.
The price for the full Living Your Design DreamRave Edition is 397 € 

There is the possibility to sign up exclusively for the two first LYD weekends, the price is 297 €. Or you might like to attend only to the DreamRave Lab, in which case the price would be 197 €, either way you sense correct for you,  just contat us.

In addition, you will get a 10% discount in your Individual Analysis (recommended) or DreamRave Analysis with me, if you wish to complement this course with it.

If you have already taken the LYD course and would like to audit this new edition, you are welcome to join all three weekends with a 40% fee reduction.

All mp4 videos and mp3s will be available at the end of each day. If you have any further question please write to:

Required Materials: Living Your Design Student Manual, avaiable in all national organizations       

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