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Mental Perspective and Distraction

The distorted mind is always looking for a target, distracted by what it thinks it sees or seeks. It overthinks things that have no real importance and thus measures its relationship with the world in the wrong context.

It’s not easy to pay attention, is it? The mind is always busy and has no time to see.
We grow up being educated in such a way that our mind is given a decision-making power that inhibits the natural wisdom of our body.

Instead of taking the reins, the mind can simply be a great ally. You can educate it, as a ‘passenger’, and show it its place, as an observer.

When we develop our own perspective, we gather relevant material that our mind is able to process in a unique and original way.

Communication: External Authority and Motivation

Awakening the body is a mechanical matter, awakening the mind requires training it to remain attentive.

Seeing exactly what patterns, what mental paths you tend to take in certain circumstances or with certain people is a great advantage in understanding how your rational process operates, your sense-making and your knowing for yourself what really motivates and enriches your individual purpose.

Also, transference to a homogeneous or collective mental motivation may cause unnecessary anxiety or confusion, interfering with your decision-making process and expression of your own truth.

Exploring what psychological motivation characterizes you enables you to communicate more authentically what you come to express to the world.

« I have observed since the 1980s all kinds of people who have sought enlightenment, awakening, or transforming themselves, who had good teachers and bad teachers, all the paraphernalia.

It was obvious to me that they had no idea how to get there, and no one told them which way.
I am deeply convinced that being able to bring the mind to its true consciousness is technical, and not mystical. I know nothing about the transition to so-called awakening, but any conscious mind is a mind that is unique, and in that sense it is perfect.

This awareness, the beauty that the mind offers us, can only come when the mind does not drive your life, otherwise you can never develop awareness, and then you never get to see what you need. You never get the material that your mind needs to be able to process the information that will become potential external authority, and that external authority is not connected to your own life. It isn’t.

It is external authority, whatever it is. Life is simply a platform upon which external authority, your differentiated mind, can evolve. We need it. »
Ra Uru Hu

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