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A Differentiated Digestive and Brain System

There is a great general ignorance about our bodies. The deepest conditioning comes to us through food, the normalizing agent of the planet. Which food is better and which is worse. What is the right fuel for our vehicle.

You are designed to digest food and your life in a unique way. When you are able to digest it correctly as yourself, your body and brain system receives exactly what it requires for your differentiation.

The Primary Health System does not offer a diet, nor is it to be applied in your life by your mental rules. It represents a way of living attentive to the signals and intelligence of your body.

There are six primary binary digestive systems, which translates into twelve different ways in which the digestive system works and regulates brain and cognitive functions.

When you ingest food and you can’t digest it properly, what it means is that you are taking in food, but it is not being directed where it belongs, it is not being processed properly, and what you get is essentially a homogeneous body.

Alignment in the Environment

Our individual experience is shaped both by all the internal factors described above and through the environments and circumstances we experience, through the external.

There is a huge connection between the environment and your immune system. Your immune system remains under stress when you’re not in the right environment, and it’s going to have to work harder.

It means that you have to use much more energy and resources to cope with the experience and you have to deal with circumstances, people, that are much more difficult to deal with, and you are likely to find it more difficult to deal with a particular problem, illness or infection.

The right environment will enhance your experience and senses as well as provide encounters with the right people for you.

Observing in experience how you orient yourself in one environment or another, the resistance or fluidity in your interaction with others, leads you to discern what is the most appropriate type of environment for you, to know the vehicle you inhabit, to enhance your inner well-being and significantly reduce your physical exhaustion.

« Basically, what we see when we look at the external determination, the environment, is the predisposition to avoid as much resistance as possible. So, your body consciousness has within itself a radar, a sensory mechanism, capable of detecting and looking for environments that are right for it.

Our bio-form is always looking for alignment, always. It doesn’t just seek it, it needs alignment. Think about it… think in terms of a moving object and resistance. What resistance causes to the moving object when it is not aligned in its path… at a slow but sure pace, it wears it down.

» Ra Uru Hu

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