Individual Analysis

Practical in content, this individual analysis is the best gift you can give yourself. Ra Uru Hu called it 'Handbook for a life without guilt'.


Do you really know who you are?

We spend a large part of our lives striving to be “somebody” or to become the person we think we should be, and we forget that every human being is already, from birth, a unique spectacle in itself that is worth observing, accepting and respecting.

Human Design provides you with practical keys to recognize and understand the mechanical patterns behind your biology, your behavior and that of others, facilitating your relationship with yourself and with those around you, according to your nature.

Understanding it can help you learn from your supposed vulnerability, to recognize that weak point that bothers your mind and the primary source that conditions it.

Life is of the body, we are body. Exercising self-respect, expressing a glimpse of your individual truth, releasing charge, and exploring what is reliable in you and makes you different can only enhance the journey.

« “Everything in our existence is movement. We are trapped in a geometry, cohabited by forces that are designed to enter our lives; interconnected geometries. We inhabit a vehicle. We are not the driver. This whole thing about recognizing your Type is recognizing how your vehicle, your own body, works. The fundamentals. So the moment you honor that, whether it’s your Type or the nature of a channel, that’s the moment you begin to eliminate resistance, and the elimination of the resistance itself is the reward. It makes it much easier for you to be yourself instead of having all kinds of people pressuring you to be what you’re not. ” » Ra Uru Hu

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