Ra Uru Hu, Alan (Robert) Krakower, proposed to us to witness our unique nature by universalizing the basis of the Human Design system.

His genuine way of being direct and imparting his knowledge about the process of accepting who we are has empowered individuals, couples and families around the globe, willing to test the patterns he points out and look beyond convention.

When asked about Human Design, he asserted that this system was ‘not his’, that this science belongs to the children.

Eclectic and irreverent, he knew how to announce the new: a system of knowledge revealed as a detailed and profound synthesis about the individual and his dance with life.

It proposes us to take a seat as passengers (giving the mind the role of observer) and to relax in the face of helplessness (trusting in the wisdom of the body), through a conscious observation that allows you to understand, appreciate your senses and respect more what you are, accepting the experiences you go through and those who go through them with you.

Originally from Canada, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in arts, and worked as an advertising executive, magazine editor and media producer. In 1983 he left his home country to travel to the island of Ibiza, where, far from all comfort, he lived his wildest period.

For a period he literally lived in a ‘chair under a tree’, feeding himself with what he grew or hunted, and very connected to the natural cycle of natural light, which, according to what he told us in his classes, provided him with the right conditions and environment that would allow him to be physically prepared to receive the biggest shock of his life.

Throughout the video, Ra describes his unexpected encounter in January 1987 with some kind of higher force that, during eight days and eight nights, described to him a concise system about the nature of the Human Being (actually, of all life forms), and on a larger scale, about the expansion dynamics of the universe.

After discarding the madness himself, and after years of testing the soundness of the information received, in 1992, supported by those who like him legitimized the practicality of the tool, Ra Uru Hu began to synthesize and impart the structure of the Human Design System internationally, and did not cease until his departure in 2011.

Its transmission today continues to expand globally, through qualified analysts and teachers, endorsed by Jovian Archive, the international IHDS school and national organizations around the world.

Ra loved music. He was a self-taught musician, singer and composer throughout his life. His lyrics, of geometric poetry and unusual genius, evidence the depth of his initiatory spirit, as provocative as it was empowering.

“If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that is love. Anything else is torture.” Ra Uru Hu

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