A connection analysis is a concise and in-depth exploration of the relationship between you and the other. It will allow you to find clarity and handle with respect the daily experience you share with your partner, a family member, or a friend.

It sheds light on everything that in the name of love makes you enjoy and suffer daily in your dealings with others. Highlighting which aspects dominate, compromise, attract, polarize or accompany each relationship.

It makes it easier for you to maintain an honest and necessary communication, both in good times and in the low hours of your relationship, allowing you not to fall into accusations or mental dramas.


A professional composite analysis can be performed in person, or through our secure and private online platform.

The duration of the meeting is 90 to 105 minutes and will be recorded in both audio mp3 and video format, so that you can watch it again and review it at your own pace.

You will have space to ask any questions that may arise on site, or without time limit via e-mail once the event is over.

Requirements: Both parties must agree to perform the analysis, based on our privacy and confidentiality policy.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 360€

We offer a special discount for people under 30 years old and people with disabilities over 33%. To make it effective please write us to and we will inform you. Thank you.

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