Life Cycles Analysis

They help you integrate and understand specific phases or stages: Cross of Life, Solar Return, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Chiron Return.


The Planetary 'Program', Evolution and Life Cycles

Transits are one of the most important aspects of Human Design. It is common knowledge that the planets affect life on Earth, their characteristic energy exudes a precise frequency that acts as a conditioning field.

The Moon, for example, is fast in its movement and when transiting it goes through the 64 hexagrams in just one month. This makes it possible to measure the influence it has on us, especially if it defines (colors) some aspect in our design.

The main advantage of following the planetary transits program is the same as knowing what the weather will do this week, the ability to measure the direct impact it can have on you and others, to be prepared and not succumb so simply to the global conditioning field.

Evolutionarily, thanks to the ephemeris we can recognize collective trends and markers of relevant periods in our history.

Likewise, the emerging patterns in the designs of a generation of newborns allow us to appreciate generational traits of the thousands of children who are being born in real time, right now, and who will manifest the present frequency globally in the world as long as they live.

A great orchestra that allows us to hear the magnanimity of a cosmic music that not only leaves its mark on us when we are born, and in this present moment, but that marks our evolution throughout a lifetime.

« So my way of dealing with the future is to be informed about what `the wind is carrying,’ to be in the present and to be aware as I move and see what repercussions all these things have, because in essence I’m not interested in knowing precisely. I don’t need to. It would take away the beauty and the drama of a life that unwinds.

But I am aware enough to understand that having knowledge of the weather is something that is basic, and everyone should be able to know about it. Of the fundamental patterns that occur in a certain year or time in your life. I think it’s very important.
» Ra Uru Hu

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