Presence in time and space to observe yourself.
You are consciousness in motion.

The full realization of the analytical potential of the System

In 2003, Ra began to introduce the intricacies of Maia mechanics. Through countless courses, lectures, and seminars he extended the knowledge base in depth.

Holistic Analysis represents the integration of the Primary Health System (PHS), Psychology and Transference, Variable, Lunar and Planetary Resonance, and the knowledge of the orientation of the bases with the traditional interpretation of a design.

Holistic Analysis reveals the full realization of the analytical potential of the Human Design System. It gathers the most detailed information about the mechanics of a design.

It was the last combination of synthetic logic keys that Ra Uru Hu imparted shortly before his transition. What a tremendous honor to have had the privilege of participating in such remarkable life lessons.

« Holistic Analysis is unlike anything else in Human Design. As an analytical tool, Human Design reveals the mechanics of the principle of form as it operates on the surface, where ignorance and unconsciousness have taken over all that is considered “normal” in the homogenized world in which we live.

From this perspective, the only thing to do is to enter into the journey of deconditioning through the anchoring of your vehicle, provided by the Strategy and the internal Authority when making any kind of decision.

Mechanics is about making the right choices or succumbing to the forces that condition your mind, but Holistic Analysis is about the possibility of enjoying the pleasures of a differentiated journey as a passenger of form, and it is only possible when the decision-making process is completely out of your mind. All you need to do is to see yourself happening to yourself, holistically stepping out of the realm of color into resonance with the world around you.

In Holistic Analysis, the focus is always on specific activations, whether personality or design, and placed in a perspective that RESONATE with the inherent perfection of your unique design. » Alokanand Díaz del Río

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