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Far from being a dream interpretation, it allows you to depersonalize by noticing concrete patterns and their direct effect on your organism and your psychology.


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What Happens While We Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of our life; one third of it is used for sleeping. However, what happens during the hours of sleep has always remained one of the most intriguing fields of human functioning. While we sleep, in fact, we present a sleep design whose pattern is simplified from 9 to 5 centers and from 64 to 15 activations, on the basis of which we can observe deep primitive conditioning, pinpoint the origin of certain disorders, and even decipher the mechanism of the dreams themselves. Ra Uru Hu, besides pointing out the benefits in an individual of sleeping alone, exposed the need not to personalize what we dream. Far from an interpretation of dreams, as Jung and Freud pointed out, objectively analyzing your own dream dynamics can bring a profound relief and logical understanding of what may be stirring in you while you sleep, both physically and psychologically as primary conditioning.
« Think about what it means to wake up. And I don’t mean mystically. It’s an incredible challenge to wake up, because you have to wake up as yourself. That’s the challenge. That’s why it’s impossible if you live in the same space with someone and share a bed. You wake up in the morning and you are lost, you are not yourself. After a night of powerful conditioning, the chemistry is in the body when you wake up. You have all that conditioned energy trying to filter through your system and there you are with some kind of impression or not about whether you have dreamed something or not. When you wake up in the morning you have to remind yourself who you are: that you have a Strategy and Authority with which to explore your day properly because the power of releasing this chemistry is very, very powerful. » Ra Uru Hu

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