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There are too many assumptions about sexuality, very homogeneous perspectives coming from few sources and very biased by the focus on the demonstration of a few models anchored in a very narrow vision of what intimacy can really give.

Sexuality is then in many cases little explored, confused or forced into a single known canon, or it is directly feared, rejected or shunned, according to the kind of taboos that have been forged by conditioning, or frustrating, painful and disappointing encounters.

This gives rise to embarrassment, impotence, blockages, or simply not knowing where to put your libido if you feel you are going to be judged for it.

It is tremendously important to enter correctly into intimacy respecting your type and authority, it marks the experience itself and possibly future experiences, so it is worth taking the time to discover where you are in it all.

« Clearly, by not entering into relationships correctly, non-energetic types are deeply conditioned in the way they are sexually available. They may be conditioned to be available to a pattern when in fact the pattern, itself, becomes restrictive, uncomfortable, and something they simply cannot tolerate. At the same time, they may be conditioned to an intimacy that is simply not natural to them.

The fact is that there is a tremendous amount of conditioning and many of the people who have profound sexual difficulties are those who have the Solar Plexus centers, or the Sacral center open in their design, because it can be very distorting to be impacted in that way.» Ra Uru Hu

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