Going deeper into your design and thanks to a specific analysis, we can distinguish different bonding roles and ways according to your nature in the intimate encounter that will reinforce your self-confidence, since they indicate aspects that are innate in you, from where you will feel more comfortable in your skin and less pressured by your mind.

Depending on the Type you belong to, your profile, definition, and which centers govern your inner authority mark tendencies in you that deserve to be respected and explored. By honoring your nature you will access experiences that are right for you in your relationships.

Information oriented to enrich your own experimentation and observation: What kind of excitement, feeling or sensitivity flourishes in you, what you are naturally receptive to in the encounter with the other and how to recognize conditioned actions that prevent you from discovering yourself. What are ultimately the patterns that shape your unique way of caring, loving, desiring, according to your nature.


You can request your sexuality analysis through our secure and private Adobe Connect online platform.

The duration of the meeting is 60 minutes and will be recorded in both video and mp3 format so that you can review it again at your own pace.

You will have space to clarify any doubts that may arise on site, or with no time limit via e-mail once it has concluded.

Requirements: You dont need previous knowledge.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 250€

We offer a special discount for people under 30 years old and people with disabilities over 33%. To make it effective write us to and we will inform you. Thank you.

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