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An advanced psychology analysis helps you identify which specific mental processes shape your personality.

What motivates your psychology and characterizes the cognitive structure of each human being is established by one of twelve different mental ‘styles’.

Your mind is not static, it rationalizes and organizes what it gathers from each experience oscillating between its original motivation and its harmonic pseudo-motivation, to which it transfers by distracting itself.

Knowing and observing how your own perception of things is refined, helps you not to be distracted by processing information that is not relevant to you or is confusing, and you can maintain a healthier relationship with your mind.

This analysis also makes it possible to recognize what perspective you take on events and how it affects your awareness and expression of your external authority. There are six primary binary perspectives.

Seeing and understanding for yourself is essential in the exercise of expressing who you are.

As you experiment with the strategy of your type and honor your inner authority, you stop making decisions based on mental strategies and the possibilities of your personality are enriched. Properly oriented, your mind witnesses and discerns every situation in its unique point of view.

This analysis provides you with specific information about the predominant resonances and dissonances in the paths your mind takes when confronted with what it sees and picks up, from its unique and differentiated perspective.

  • Mental Style, Motivation and Transfer, Receptive or Strategic Mind, Sense and Path.
  • Differentiated perspective and Distraction.
  • Personality Resonance Mapping.
  • Mental conditioners, Harmonic Influences: Personal and Transpersonal, and conditioning receptors.
  • Primal, Beta and Epsylon Affinity.


You can perform your professional analysis of Advanced Psychology (Rave Psychology) in person, or through our online platform Adobe Connect, using the direct link that you will receive via email.

The process consists of two 90-minute analysis sessions with Amaya, spaced one month apart. The first corresponds to the analysis of perspective and distraction, and the second to the analysis of psychological motivation.

In addition, between the two meetings, two 30-minute supervision periods are proposed in which to share observations and ask any questions that may arise during the process.

A total of 4 hours divided into two 90-minute meetings with Amaya and two 30-minute review sessions.

The sessions are recorded in mp3 audio and video format, so you can review them at your own pace whenever you wish.

Prerequisites: You must have performed your individual analysis with a certified professional. This is an Advanced Analysis and it is recommended to have previously experimented with the information from your baseline Individual Analysis.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 580€

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