Family Dynamics Analysis

This analysis is an essentially beneficial tool for all the members of your family, since together you will be able to understand and observe the fundamental mechanics that mark your daily coexistence.

Human Design allows you to combine several members within the same graph, and thus analyze the individual contribution of each component to the final mechanics of the group.

This analysis is especially revealing in the field of everyday life, where our daily identity is dissolved in mechanics that transcend us individually, which can create deep conflicts when the archetypal nature of the forces that are unleashed in the dynamics of daily group sharing are not understood.

The analysis includes, in addition to the analysis of the Family Nucleus, a synthesis of the personal relationship between its components. It explains why when you meet you do not necessarily feel seen for who you really are and offers you the necessary tools to understand the nature of the group, allowing you to create a space of respect and greater communication among all.


The professional Core Family Analysis can be done in person, or through our secure and private Adobe Connect online platform.

The average duration of the meeting is 120 minutes, varying according to the size of the family. It will be recorded in both audio mp3 and video format, so that you can watch it again and review it at your own pace.

No previous knowledge is required to do it, and you will be able to ask all the doubts that arise in situ, or without time limit through e-mail, once it is finished.

This analysis does not include the Individual Design of each family member, it exclusively analyzes the family dynamics and relationship synthesis among its members. There is the possibility of acquiring a Family Set that includes a detailed analysis of all the components.

Requirements: You don’t need previous knowledge.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 400€ (family of 3 or 4 members).

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