We have all had dreams that disturb or obsess us to a greater or lesser extent.

The analysis of your Dream Design provides you with a very important basis for self-observation. It shows the profound biochemical impact on the transition from asleep to awake and how these subconscious conditioning states influence our psyche and body, boycotting our individual integrity when we wake up each morning.

A comparative analysis of your dream design together with your waking design allows you to decipher trends according to which elements vary from one design to another, if there is a change in typology or which chemical paths your sequence follows.

From all this, three core aspects to analyze are distilled, which Ra called ‘Weak Point’, ‘Character’ and ‘Dream Landscape’, which, although ignored can limit the real quality of your daily life, bringing them to the surface allows you to observe them when they emerge, demystify them and prevent them from influencing your decisions and daily wellbeing.


You can perform your dream analysis in person, or through our secure and private Adobe Connect online platform.

By choosing the online option, you can conveniently access the virtual classroom through the direct link that you will receive via email. Generally, the standard camera and microphone of your computer are more than sufficient on a technical level.

The duration of the meeting is 60 minutes, it will be recorded in both audio mp3 and video format, so you can watch it again and review it at your own pace.

You will have space to ask all the questions that may arise on site, or without time limit once it is over.

Prerequisites: You must have completed your individual analysis with a certified professional.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 250 €

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