An analytical view of the most important life markers in our individual development can help you to understand the nature of the conditioning that will occur in specific periods of your life. It will allow you to mechanically observe the circumstances around you, while becoming more aware of yourself.

Analysis of the Cross of Life

The Sun and Earth axes in a design represent 70% of who we are, the purpose and mythology we ’embody’. The Lunar Nodes mark the specific path and setting in which our individual purpose naturally matures and progresses. The combination of these two pieces of information gives this analysis a supportive value as a travelogue, which will serve as a compass in your personal journey.

Solar Return Analysis

Each year on your birthday, the Sun returns to the same position where it was at the time of your birth and marks the beginning of a new cycle for each individual. Knowing what factors will condition the annual cycle and the information provided by this analysis will help you identify precise signs that your personality can recognize and mature with experience.

Analysis of Saturn Return

The Saturn cycle begins at approximately 29 years of age. It is the moment that marks the definitive closing of childhood, and the confrontation with adult life and the taking of responsibilities, in which to develop yourself as an individual before what surrounds you. This analysis offers you a detailed compendium of the determining themes in this great transition that will span 20 years, until the return of Chiron, around the age of 50. This analysis is particularly useful for those who have a Line 6 Profile in their design.

Analysis of the Uranus Opposition

Approximately between 38 and 43 years of age, perhaps one of the biggest transitions that a human being goes through during his or her life occurs and marks a change of nodal polarity and perspective in our way of orienting and locating ourselves in the world and in life.

Chiron Return Analysis

Chiron is related to the myth of the wounded healer, who could heal everyone’s wounds except his own. Around the age of 50, the Chiron cycle is completed, offering the possibility of finding wisdom within the very wounds that have caused you to suffer during your life’s journey, particularly to those who carry a Line 6 Profile in their design. This analysis offers references that will support your observation of the themes that will appear on the horizon, in order to establish your external authority in communicating with others, and to ground yourself in your individual purpose.


All analyses: Cross of Life, Saturn Return, Chiron Return and Uranus Opposition can be performed in person, or through our secure and private Adobe Connect online platform.

By choosing the online option, you can easily access the virtual classroom through the direct link that you will receive via e-mail. Generally, the standard camera and microphone of your computer are more than sufficient on a technical level.

The duration of the meeting is 75 minutes and will be recorded in both audio mp3 and video format, so you can watch it again and review it at your own pace.

You will have space to ask all the questions that may arise on site, or without time limit once it is over.

Prerequisites: You must have previously performed your individual analysis with a certified professional.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 320€

We offer a special discount for people under 30 years old and people with disabilities over 33%. To make it effective please write us to and we will inform you. Thank you.

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