Gerardo Keerti Piccolo

Gerardo Keerti Piccolo

Born in Italy, he trained professionally in a technical school that later led him to work for 15 years managing work teams while continuing to cultivate his interest in self-knowledge through different techniques.

In 2009 he became acquainted with the Human Design system and thus began a process of identifying the behavioral mechanisms that he had always seen within himself and around him, opening up the possibility of explaining them in a logical way and then integrating the experience he had gathered with his training as a professional analyst.

In 2013 he is invited to move to Spain, thus undertaking an intense period of practical experimentation with Human Design until today in the company of Amaya and as a student of Alokanand Díaz del Río, with whom he finishes his training as a Professional Analyst also collaborating as a simultaneous translator.

He currently works together with Amaya in the management of The Human Design Lab sharing, through his own experience as a projector, the practical tools that Human Design offers, both in Spanish and Italian, his native language.

“By putting into practice the tools offered by Human Design for self-awareness I have been able to observe and understand what it means to be human in its many facets and why we suffer unnecessarily and cling to solutions that keep us stuck.

In my work as an analyst it is a priority to explain with simplicity to people why, when they do not respect themselves, they find difficulties in their lives, in their relationships and what is the real problem that we do not usually see because we focus on what we believe to be the problem and it is not.

Observing and understanding at a very elemental and personal level why we encounter resistance when we do not operate respecting our nature, is an evidence that never ceases to amaze me every day and that helps me to say to others exactly the same thing I say to myself. The question is not how much knowledge we can accumulate, but how much we are willing to let go to discern that which is reliable in our life and that which are identifications.“

Since 2009 I look at my personal process through the unique perspective that Human Design offers. In my early days I never imagined the amazing depth that this logical science can provide about essential conscious and unconscious dilemmas and issues that define one’s life as a whole. I have discovered that my body has its own trajectory in life, it also has its own unique way of making decisions, which have nothing to do with what I think, believe, or opine.

As a mental projector, I observe in my environment to what extent we are all distorted, all of us…. Each one in a specific way, to the point where the mind converts and presents that same distortion as our only possibility.

Experimenting with my true nature over time, I have realized that this is not true, the mind does not really know what the body feels, and the more you anchor yourself to your strategy and your authority, the more you can realize it for yourself. The Human Design is a journey towards you, just as you are, without wanting to add anything and above all without wanting to change what is perfect…

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