Amaya Blanco Alzola

Between 1994 and 2009 Amaya studied and worked in Germany, Austria, France, England, Italy and the USA. She graduated from Vermont and obtained a marketing degree from ESIC. She studied French culture and civilization at CUEF Grenoble, and completed the ESCP-Europe MBA in Paris and Oxford. He then attended the Die Etage School of Performing and Acrobatic Arts in Berlin.

She has been experimenting and researching the science of Human Design since 2001.

She has been a direct student of Ra Uru Hu, whom she simultaneously translated on her last tour. She has collaborated in different international Human Design events in Ibiza, and has continued her education with first generation professionals, highlighting Alokanand Diaz, a source of deep inspiration for the Human Design community.

She is currently immersed in the Feldenkrais Teacher Training at the Feldenkrais Institute in Barcelona and the Gyrotonic Teacher Trainning in Madrid.

You can see the detailed curriculum related to Human Design here.

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