Amaya Blanco Alzola

Between 1994 and 2009 he studied and worked in Germany, Austria, France, England, Italy and the USA. He graduated from Vermont and obtained a marketing degree from ESIC. He studied French culture and civilization at CUEF Grenoble, and completed the ESCP-Europe MBA in Paris and Oxford. He then attended the Die Etage School of Performing and Acrobatic Arts in Berlin.

She has been experimenting and researching the science of Human Design since 2001.

She has been a direct student of Ra Uru Hu, whom she simultaneously translated on her last tour. She has collaborated in different international Human Design events in Ibiza, and has continued her education with first generation professionals, highlighting Alokanand Diaz, a source of deep inspiration for the Human Design community.

She is currently attending the Feldenkrais Teacher Training at the Feldenkrais Institute in Madrid and Barcelona.

You can see the detailed curriculum related to Human Design here.

«If I had to describe my job I would start by saying thank you for coming into my life early and unexpectedly, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

At the age of 23 the pressure to define and settle my ‘life career’ lurked. Human Design came along and dissolved any budget or yearning to become this or that from my own mental projection or for anyone’s peace of mind, leaving enough space to slow down and observe: What is my body saying about all this.

We waste a lot of time scheming from our minds and little time listening to ourselves inside, and I am not referring to intellectual clucking, but to the physical, frequency and somatic signals that our organism emits at all times.

This more than anything else is what it has given me, respect for myself, trusting my body’s intelligence to show me the way, especially in difficult moments. And as a consequence, a little more honesty with myself on a mental level in my day to day life.

Basis that I can share in my daily work, each encounter conveys deep basic truths, based on empirical experience, to those who come for them.

Sharing life and professional experience with Keerti also gives me a constant update and an exploration of immeasurable love and respect.

To be able to reach more young people, mothers and fathers who will respect the nature of their children and themselves, to sow a seed of understanding among all the members of a family, to pass the baton of self-love in decision making and acceptance of what defines each one of us individually, moves my total availability and passion for the research of this science and of what, with its lights and shadows, makes us human. >>

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