There is a tendency to pontificate to children, to condescend and simplify them sometimes almost offensively. One of the most beautiful aspects of knowing their design is that you can be fairer to them, because it refines your ability to see them for who they really are and enriches their self-esteem, so that they learn to make the right decisions and to trust themselves.

Highlights of your child’s Child or Adolescent Development analysis:

  • Typology and Profile.
  • What makes a difference to your child.
  • How you can show your child how to recognize how others influence him/her.
  • Management and confrontation of the authority of both parties.
  • Important points of connection with your child.
  • Conflicting points to observe and transform between the two.
  • Its neural development: left and right cognition intelligence.
  • What kind of learning enhances your child’s skills.
  • Pathways of experimentation with food and sleep.
  • Guidelines that will support mutual understanding and respect in your daily interaction.


You can request the child or youth development analysis in person or through our secure and private Adobe Connect online platform.

The duration of the meeting is 90 minutes and will be recorded in both video and mp3 format so that you can review it again at your own pace.

You will have space to clarify any doubts that may arise on site, or with no time limit via e-mail once it has concluded.

Requirements: You don’t need previous knowledge.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 280€

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