Career Guidance for Adolescents and Youth


The orientation session will cover:

  • Your personal style, based on your typology. How you move and express yourself in the world. Strategies and key indicators to make better decisions, more reliable for you, with greater security and confidence in yourself at the time of choosing studies, career, training or artistic education, minimizing doubts in your path.
  • Your natural way of interacting efficiently with others and the mechanisms that allow you to enhance your artistry, your innovation, your ability to guide, your ability to manage energy in a more productive way or your ability to evaluate what goes with you.
  • Your unique way of assimilating and processing information so that your unique gifts can be translated into vocation and translated into your choice of studies and artistic or entrepreneurial projects.
  • In what type of work environment you move most efficiently.
  • What innate skills and specific aptitudes characterize you and you bring to everything you do.
  • What tendencies define you and what specific characteristics are consistently expressed in you.
  • Your Shadows / Distractions: Detail the areas that you would do well to watch so that they do not consume your energy and time by diverting you from your path. If you allow others to teach you in these areas, they can also represent a learning experience that can be very practical in your life.
  • Your Public Role: How you express and can establish your purpose in the world, and what others perceive of you.
  • Your peculiar talents and your unique way of being: What signs help you align yourself respecting your own convictions and explore your potentials to recognize your professional calling.
  • Your social traits and qualities: How they play into how you go about being yourself. Perhaps you are very self-sufficient, or your forte is in direct one-on-one contact, or you are more of a group sharer, or you tend to be more supportive in a more personal, up-close-and-personal way. In what situations do you express yourself most comfortably?
  • Your strengths and weaknesses, and what natural tendency you will find in your future career as a Freelancer, in relation to a partner, or what is your potential to contribute to a Start Up, an SME or a large company. What fits you best and enhances your natural gifts.

The Youth Career Guidance Analysis is done online through our private and secure Adobe Connect virtual platform.

It can be purchased by any young person, starting in their teens and under the age of 30.

It can also be given as a gift to any adult over 30 who wishes to support the personal educational or professional development of children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

The Human Design Lab supports youth by offering a special price in this modality.

It is necessary that you send us your birth data, place, date and time as exact as possible in advance. The analysis requires 120 minutes of preparation prior to the appointment, and the meeting lasts between 90 minutes. The analysis is recorded in both video and mp3 audio format and you will be able to review it again at your own pace whenever you wish.

You will have space to clarify any doubts that may arise on the spot, or without time limit via email once it has concluded.

Prerequisits: No previous knowledge of Human Design is required to perform it.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 250€

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