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Human Design in the workplace

A BG5 consultancy provides a new technique and vision in the business framework, offering specific advice for the efficient management of the human resources of your company, startup, NGO or even sports team. Identifying the skills and competencies of its members necessary for the development of their excellence.

At the corporate level, it is an advisory task that points out what changes should be implemented to effectively align the management and direction of each unit or department.

It represents a support plan for the creativity and innovation of those who aspire to a transparent line of communication and a functional and effective distribution of human resources from which to promote the value of the firm, mission or project.

Our BG5 consulting can identify:

  • Solutions for creating high-performance groups.
  • Alternatives to improve communication and minimize conflicts and tensions that reduce satisfaction and limit success.
  • Highlight productivity gaps and weaknesses, and point out alternative avenues of excellence.
  • Analysis of the new hiring process, support in the creation and restructuring of the company.
  • How to build the best team to achieve maximum joint potential.
  • Staff development during business expansion.
  • We offer practical and effective recommendations thanks to specific MMI software with private license for business analysis.
  • Targeting new potential qualities to be developed in the company.
  • Identify the roles, skills and natural attributes of each group member.

BG5 Business Advisory, Alpha One Analysis, and Beta Analysis:

Each project is studied and budgeted on an ad hoc basis, depending on the size of the team and its specific needs. BG5 consulting consists of several meetings and a first diagnostic session that will determine the structure of the action plan.

It can be done online through our private virtual platform Adobe Connect, and also on-site, at the company or group headquarters at no additional cost if it is located in the Community of Madrid. Otherwise, the budget would include travel and subsistence.

Requirements:  The BG5 Advisory does not require prior knowledge of Human Design.

You can contact us directly at for more information.

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