Analysis of your Professional Profile

Maximize Your Potential with the Human Design System

Your professional analysis will cover:
  • Your professional style, based on your typology. How you move and express yourself in the world. Strategies and key indicators to make the best reliable business decisions with greater authority and confidence at the right time, eliminating resistance in your path.
  • Your natural way of interacting efficiently with others and the mechanisms that allow you to enhance your innovation as an entrepreneur, your ability to guide, your energy management in a more productive way or your power of evaluation.
  • Your unique way of assimilating and processing information so that your unique gifts can be transferred to your project or business.
  • In what type of working relationship and work environment you operate most efficiently.
  • What innate skills and specific attributes characterize you and you bring to the work you do.
  • What functions define you and what specific characteristics are consistently expressed in your work.
  • Your Shadows / Distractions: Detail the areas in which you are not designed to place your focus and it is in your best interest to watch so that they do not consume your energy and time by diverting you from the path. If you allow others to handle them, they can represent real lessons of wisdom that can be practical for you.
  • Your Public Role: How you express your purpose in the world and are perceived by others.
  • Your peculiar and specific talents and unique contribution: What signals help you align on your preferences and path for your personal development.
  • Your social traits and qualities and how recognizing them will help you move forward and progress in discovering what you like:, perhaps you are very self-sufficient, in non-interference and empowerment, in impersonal sharing, or in close, personal support.
  • Your Strengths as a Freelancer, in relation to your partner, or your contribution to the SME or large company. What fits you best and enhances your natural gifts.

Analysis of your Professional Profile:

Your Career Analysis can be done through our secure and easy-to-access Adobe Connect online platform. You will conveniently access the virtual classroom through the direct link you will receive via email. The meeting is recorded in both audio mp3 and video format, so you can watch it again and review it at your own pace. You will have space to clarify any doubts that may arise in situ, or with no time limit via email once it has concluded.

The analysis requires 120 minutes of preparation prior to the appointment, and the meeting lasts about 90 minutes. It is necessary that you send us your birth data, place, date and time as accurately as possible in advance.

Prerequisites: You do not need previous knowledge of Human Design to perform it.
Analyst: Amaya.
Price: 280€

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